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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Couple Of Things

Thanks to Scott for putting on a fun and challenging skills day out at Ipswich yesterday. We got to practice a few high speed dismounts/remounts. During which, I was trying to be a bit too pro and failed to unclip in time ending up cleaning up both of the practice barriers. He also took us on a ride around Limestone and Queens Parks, flying around the Sunday picnickers, up and down the hills, dips, stairs and paths was great fun.

If you need something to get fired up for the upcoming local cross races check out this video from Round 2 of the Specialized Cross Melburn race last weekend. Look at all those Crux!

Excited and need a cross bike? If you are a shorty maybe you would like to throw a bid on this Crux.


  1. that Crux is a beauty, belongs to a friend of mine, and people should bid up big!!

  2. It is an absolute steal at the moment, get on it guys!. I hope whoever buys it decides to race it. Infact, I will pay for the winning bidders entry into the Balmoral Cyclocross race.

  3. I think that Limestone and Queens Park form a part of Scott's daily commute.