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Sunday, August 19, 2012

1 of 3 - Queensland State Cyclocross Championships

Somehow I have managed to book myself in for 3 cross races over 3 consecutive weekends. After yesterdays effort I am hurting, I hope my body gets a chance to recover between races. 

As I am sure frequent readers of my blog know, yesterday was the Queensland State Cyclocross Championships held by the Ipswich Cycling Club. It was an awesome sunny day (maybe a little bit windy) and as usual Scott managed to put together a well thought out challenging course.

The kids got the party stared and I have no idea how they got across the creek, it was pretty deep. They did an awesome job negotiating the obstacles and pushing their bikes up the stairs and all those hills. Good job to all of them, some of those bikes were HEAVY.

Next up was the Open category, lots of MTB's and a few single speeds. Daniel Angus did a good job on his single to pick up a silver medal - not bad for a trackie. Mudsters helper Mark was plagued by pinch flats and slow leaks but after a few pit stops managed to finish the race.

B Grade had a strong showing and this is the race I entered. I started slowly remembering how quickly I burnt out last year. This tactic worked well and I stayed at the back for the rest of the race. Lots of back and forth with positions all across the field made for fun racing. The guys on the hill with the pots and pans kept everyone pumped through the back section. About that creek again, on my 3rd lap I went far right looking for a shallower crossing and thought my head was going to go under, Andrew Demack actually disappeared for a few minutes. The other Mudster helper, Simon, passed me on the last lap and finished his first cross race with a smile.

Almost as soon as we had finished the big race of the day, A grade, lined up for their 50mins of suffering. For the first few laps there was a solid group of 5 that held together on the front. Slowly they became 2 and it stayed this way until the end. A pinch flat 200m from the finish saw the winner claim victory unchallenged. This was by far the most exciting race I have ever seen in person, the battles for every position were tight and riders kept on giving everything they had.

The full results can be found here.

Other race reports can be found at Ipswich CX and Briztreadley.

I didn't get any pictures of the races but the guys from Veloshotz have a nice little galley for you to flick through.

Next I am down to the Dirty Deeds CX Rapha Supercross Extravaganza. Then I will be back to do the last minute running around for the Balmoral Mudsters of the Universe Cyclocross race. What's with all the stupidly long names?

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