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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Need a new Cyclocross bike?

As Cyclocross in Queensland is still a small developing sport, I feel lucky that we have the backing from some great sponsors. Their support allows us to put on the best possible races and are able to give something back to the racers.

Bicycle Riders at Morningside are one of those sponsors, and as such, they have a great range of Cyclocross bikes IN STOCK. Get that - they are there on the floor ready for you to test ride. Not many shops in Brisbane can boast a selection of Cyclocross bikes to test ride.

The bike that really caught my eye was the Colnago World Cup hanging at the entrance. The World Cups are an alloy frame with carbon fork, they run a 105 group and avid disc brakes. The cables are routed along the top tube to keep them out of the grime. Best yet, I haven't seen anyone in Brisbane riding one. Who will be the first?

At the budget end they have 52cm & 56cm 2011 Specialized Crux with Tiagra. These are going for an absolute steal at $999. The Crux are an awesome frame and at this price if you feel you want a new groupset after a few years you will still be ahead.

Specialized are also doing sale prices on all their Crux frames, which Bicycle Riders can order in for you. I personally have a Crux and it is by far my favorite bike, not just my favorite Cyclocross bike, favorite any bike.

If you are in the mood for your first Cyclocross bike or an upgrade I can recommend Bicycle Riders at Morningside. End plug.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Perfect Storm

I don't remember when it started raining last week, but I do know it stopped, at about 4pm yesterday afternoon. With a wet ground and permission to 'do whatever you want' we were set for Queensland's first cyclocross mud pit. We get a lot of complaints of having weather too good for cyclocross in Queensland, after last night's race, summer racing is here to stay.

To prove how good it was here is a picture from Marty that captures the aftermath.

The kids started the night and began the removal of the top layer of the course. The Butler brothers bookmarked Patrick 'no hands' Flood to duplicate the podium from Murarrie 2 weeks ago.

In the Open race there was an even split of men and women. The youngest in the field, Alex Clairs put on a quick break at the start and maintained a hot pace to take the win unchallenged. Marty borrowed a bike at the last minute and redeemed his shock on-the-line loss to Imogen at last year's Murarrie CX race (he was still beaten by a girl). Queensland Cyclocross own group member Emma Best put away her 3rd straight win in the women's event this year.

A and B grades started together with a lot of shoving through the first corner. It was a tight course and the surface quickly deteriorated forcing riders to change lines and race tactics. A group of A grade riders worked together and held tight until the bell lap when Lawson Hartshorn made his break to claim the gold cowbell. The B grade race saw battles for positions all through the field. Up the front at lap 8, Jason Smith eventually took the lead to win the category, with the minor places being hard fought until the end.

As usual I have to thank the many hands that come together to allow these races to happen. SRAM continue support with supplying us with race tape and prizes, Richard Butler from Pushies Galore for helping us out with the PA, Brisbane Hardcourt Bike Polo for putting on the BBQ and supplying an awesome cheer squad. Brisbane South Mountain Bike Club has given us a huge level of support and understanding while Cyclocross continues to develop in Queensland. The informal Queensland Cyclocross group of Andrew (master MC), Emma (woman's race development officer/gold cowbell collector), Simon (expert barrier builder), David, Russell, Adam, Imogen and the many others who jumped in to land a hand. 

Full results are here (down the page a bit)

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Coming up next
Pushies Galore Bowl-O-Cross 5th May
Women's (and kids) skills clinics

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Race Weekend

There was a race in Brisbane on the weekend, but it was Easter, so everyone must have gone camping. Everyone, except one guy from Adelaide, who jumped on the net, saw there was a Cyclocross race where he was headed, so he packed his bike. He also packed a first for QLD Cyclocross, a skin suit. Who was this guy? His name was Shaun, and backed up the suit by taking a win in A Grade, easily breaking away from some of the fastest local guys. I had a pleasant chat to Shaun while we were packing up the course and it turned out he rides for Focus...

Even though the turn out for the race was small, there were still many new faces. I love seeing new faces, they always smile the biggest at the end of their initiation into Cyclocross.

The next race is on in 2 weeks time under lights at Chandler Velodrome. It is going to be some fun, so wear a crazy costume or bring a unicycle.

One of the QLD Cyclocross group, Andrew Demack, has been writing a blog for many years. I always like reading Andrews race reports, they make me aware of feelings about Cyclocross I didn't know I had. When I read his blog it has a way of making the hard work and doubt vanish. I am left excited for the next race weekend (even if it means I have to sit it out with race duties). Here is Andrews latest entry.

Edit - another race report, this time from the C Grade Cyclist, a Cyclocross first timer. Quess what? He too loves Cyclocross.