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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Race Weekend

There was a race in Brisbane on the weekend, but it was Easter, so everyone must have gone camping. Everyone, except one guy from Adelaide, who jumped on the net, saw there was a Cyclocross race where he was headed, so he packed his bike. He also packed a first for QLD Cyclocross, a skin suit. Who was this guy? His name was Shaun, and backed up the suit by taking a win in A Grade, easily breaking away from some of the fastest local guys. I had a pleasant chat to Shaun while we were packing up the course and it turned out he rides for Focus...

Even though the turn out for the race was small, there were still many new faces. I love seeing new faces, they always smile the biggest at the end of their initiation into Cyclocross.

The next race is on in 2 weeks time under lights at Chandler Velodrome. It is going to be some fun, so wear a crazy costume or bring a unicycle.

One of the QLD Cyclocross group, Andrew Demack, has been writing a blog for many years. I always like reading Andrews race reports, they make me aware of feelings about Cyclocross I didn't know I had. When I read his blog it has a way of making the hard work and doubt vanish. I am left excited for the next race weekend (even if it means I have to sit it out with race duties). Here is Andrews latest entry.

Edit - another race report, this time from the C Grade Cyclist, a Cyclocross first timer. Quess what? He too loves Cyclocross.

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