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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


As you can probably tell I am very much a tech head. I love trawling the net and finding what is newest, lightest and strongest gear. On my morning cruse through the forums I came across links to a new product from Retroshift

They are basically a way to run traditional down tube shifters on your break levers. The advantages are that they eliminate mud jamming up your shifters if you crash, they are also cheap to replace if that same crash destroys the shifter.

You can shift up or down the whole cassette with one swipe.

They have also been proven in race conditions.

Go and check out the full review including pricing at


  1. Hey! thanks for noticing!!!

    More press here.

    They will be available in Aus in not too distant future as my brother lives in Mornington. (Quote about my brother is not quite right!).


    Adam and the goats

  2. Well there you go people.

    You don't see the big boys from Shimano dropping by to say thanks.

    Adam and his goats are alright.