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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Whether Bowl-O-Cross would be a success or not was unknown. The format was different, the location was odd, the course was very short and we weren't sure if anyone would turn up. I rolled into Holland Park Bowls Club to start the course setup and saw that the Pushies Galore team had been there since day break. There were lounge chairs across the green, picket fences and colourful flag bunting decorating the course. The whole feel of the grounds was warmly inviting and familiar. There was even a live piano bringing sweet tunes to the racers and spectators alike.

Photo: Gavin Bannerman
Normally when I write a race report I throw around the names of who beat who, who had fun and who got beaten by a girl. On Sunday there was only one name on everyone's lips, Robbie McEwen. Now that's out of the way, I can get to the report.

Photo: Optima Sports Performance
People rolled in and started to gather around the registration desk. It always feels disorganised behind the desk, but seeing the competitors names filling the pages makes me happy. Happy that so many people get to ride their bikes in a cyclocross race - even if it didn't feel like one yet.

Photo: Gavin Bannerman
The races got underway and the crowd started to warm up. Everywhere there were cowbells, horns and cheers. Cheers for the kids, cheers for the ex-pro riding up the hill, cheers for the psycho chicken relay team and cheers for the stacks and there were a few. The spectators even cheered the lady who walked 3 streets over to tell us how much she "enjoyed" the race.
Photo: Gavin Bannerman

There was time for a few beers and food before the finals, even if it was against every racers better judgment. While the rest of us "fueled up" Robbie rode laps of the green for about 20min. I guess that's what gave him the edge over the rest of the field??? The atmosphere was charged for the finals, everyone knew trophies were on the line. It felt like there were people on every inch of the course and the finals were over in a blink.

Photo: Gavin Bannerman
With the presentations came one of the best speeches an organiser could have hoped for, Robbie loves Cyclocross and will race again. Who will share a podium with him next time? 

As the crowd began to disperse and the clean up went on, Robbie left, but not without inspiring the next generation to practice wheelies for the rest of the afternoon.

Photo: Optima Sports Performance
Photo: Optima Sports Performance

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  1. Good on you Brad. A great reward for all your efforts this season so far. Sorry we couldn't make it this race. Looking forward to Ipswich and Nundah.