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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Joy and Sadness

The wait for the second ever Ipswich cyclocross was 12 months.

The time I got to run my spaghetti legs around the course was 15 mins - Thanks to a broken chain.

I would like to make it sound like I was ripping the field apart with my love of the sport but the truth is I didn't train enough and I am a shit athlete. Half way though the first lap I was running DFL (dead fucking last). I was way out of my depth but kept pushing as hard as I felt I could. On the 3rd lap the guy in front went down on the creek crossing and like Steven Bradbury I took the place thanks to someone else's error.

That was the end of my gold medal moment, because on the hill leading back to the start line my chain popped and I rolled to a stop. Up until this point I was hurting, but not enough to brag about it, so I went to the bar and had a beer.

Thank you Scott and the team of volunteers that worked to put the race on.

Race picture to follow.

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