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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Daisy Hill

I have been meaning to go over to Daisy Hill reserve for a while now and finally got around to it today. Daisy Hill is one of the few areas around Brisbane where you can ride off road without getting the hippies upset.

The weather was clear as I got there, but 10min into my ride it started to rain. I should have put the mud tyres on when I complained about them earlier - oh well. Daisy Hill is a fantastic setup lots of tracks running everywhere and I was a bit worried about getting lost so I just did loops from car park and back.

Very happy with the new cranks I put on, they are a real improvement as they offer a much better gear selection when riding up the hills.

I only saw 2 people out there and guess what - one was riding a cyclocross bike! I was so happy to see someone else out riding cross. I was tempted to wait around in the car park and check out his rig but I was wet and hungry.

I will be heading back out to Daisy Hill from time to time as there is so much riding to do out there it will be hard to resist.

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