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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Best Day Ever

I went for a ride today with a friend of mine over Ipswich way. We went on one of his regular mountain bike routes over a few hills and through a few creeks. It rained the day before and a bit this morning but was dry (it seemed) as we left - that was my first mistake. To follow on from my previous post in regards to tyre selection Vittoria Cross XN Pro's are not made for mud, so don't even try. I slipped almost everywhere I went off road and had to walk most of the hills due to lack of traction. My second mistake was trying to use a road gear ratio and match it uphill with a mountain biker - this will be the next part of my cross bike to be changed.

Despite all this I had a bunch of fun, I fell over in the thickest mud 3 times and pulled off a wicked rad bunny hop.

Mud on the rear brakes, you can see how much crap was in the pedals too.

Even with all the mud and grass and sticks all over my bike everything still worked perfectly which I was very impressed with. Except maybe the brakes, but they didn't work in the first place. Looking forward to my next cyclocross adventure after I tweak a few things.

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